Skin Peels

Skin Peels is also known as Chemical Peels

But obviously the words 'chemical’ and ‘acids’ do not evoke a feeling of being gentle or pampering the skin. However, the truth is otherwise. Skin peels have been around for decades across the globe. There are hundreds of types of skin peels, that means there is a treatment for every skin type be it extremely sensitive or coarse and oily.

The truth - The cell renewal process

Our skin has a natural renewal process. The skin cells are constantly being replaced by new cells from within. As these new cells travel towards the surface, they become a layer of accumulated dead cells. The cell renewal process can be altered or slowed down by hormones, aging, pollution, lack of skin care and protection, leading to pigmentation, rough skin, acne etc.

The truth - Science of dermapeels

Depending on the type of peel, its concentration and the type of formula (gel/liquid), these active agents will penetrate into the outer layers of the skin. Here, they encourage the process of dead cell shedding that ultimately helps in regeneration.

The truth - Controlled action, enhanced repair and regeneration

The advanced peels used at Everything Skin & Hair are breakthrough scientific formulas, researched and developed by international experts. This ensures controlled action, reproducible safety and of course great results.

Skin peels mainly help in 3 ways

  • Exfoliation of skin surface cells improving the smoothness, color and radiance
  • Enhancing regeneration of epidermal cells, collagen, elastin and GAG within the skin. This increases the thickness, firmness, elasticity and hydration of skin in the long run.
  • Certain ingredients like salicylic, mandelic, boosters etc. actively target acne and acne causing bacteria. These help in unclogging pores and reduce formation of blackheads and white heads

Common Myths

1. Myth - All Chemical peels are harsh

Not all peels are harsh. Of course there are certain very high concentration dermal peels available, but these are rarely used now in modern day dermatology.

  • The right peel
  • Dermatologist performed
  • Customised post peel care

The above 3 at Everything Skin and Hair ensures that you get safe, consistent results each time.

2. Myth - Peels will thin out the skin

While the peel will reduce the accumulated dead skin cells, it definitely doesn't actually thin your epidermis. On the contrary, repeated successive sessions will increase collagen and elastin in our skin making it thicker

3. Myth - The skin will always becomes super sensitive to sun

It's imperative to use a good sunscreen throughout the year. The same should be continued after your peel session. Its best to avoid prolonged sun exposure in the days immediately after the peel. That means don't schedule a peel right before you go for your trek or before that gorgeous beach vacation.

Apart from the immediate post care, there is no long term sun sensitivity due to skin peel. Remember the skin peels are actually regenerating and repairing long term sun damage.

4. Myth - The skin becomes dry

Some peels like yellow peels, TCA, phenol, dermamelan etc will cause visible exfoliation and dead cells can be seen shedding from the skin. This shedding phase continues from the 3rd day to up to the 10th day on the face and neck. Its best to use a good moisturiser repeated during this phase to encourage dead skin removal. The dryness during these few days is actually the dead cells shedding off. Once complete the skin in fact is more hydrated and smoother.

5. Myth - It's harmful to repeat a peel too often

The facial skin regenerates as quickly as a week after the peel, that means it is very safe to repeat the peel at intervals of 2 to 6 weeks

6. Myth - You can't wear makeup for days after a skin peel

Many gel peels like mandelic, lactic, glycolic, vitamin C etc gives us the freedom to wear mineral based makeup. Almost right after the treatment.

7. Myth - You have to go in hiding after any peel

Not true for all peels. Most of the peels at everything skin & hair would require minimal after care.

If you and your dermatologist decide to do a peel which needs a few days of your social calendar, then plan ahead.

The truth - Visible results, immediate and progressive

The skin radiance can improve almost immediately in a party peel. Certain other peels may take a week to show results. These results get progressive on repeated session done over months.

The truth - Personalised protocols, adaptable

During the initial consultation at Everything Skin & Hair, we understand your-

  • Skin type
  • Skin concern
  • Skin care products being used
  • Life style, time spent in the sun (directly or indirectly)
  • Makeup usage
  • Allergies and medical history

Based on these a skincare program is tailored. This includes daily skin care, preventive measures, lifestyle changes, and treatments including skin peels.

At Everything Skin & Hair

  • We use international formulas of advanced dermapeels
  • We often combine treatments to minimise visits and enhance results
  • We do sequential peels or combination peels - that means we layer different peels to simultaneously treat multiple skin concerns
  • Work out the best peeling system suited for individual lifestyle

What are the different kinds of peels?

There are a plethora of active ingredients in peels - the skin enthusiast will know a lot of these ingredients as they are now present in very low concentrations in your favorite skin care products as well.

Alphahydroxyacids like Glycolic, or betahydroxyacids like salicylic are some of the oldest ingredients know to aesthetic dermatology.

Certain peels are larger molecular sizes (like Mandelic), therefore they penetrate very slowly within the skin and are suited to the most sensitive skin types.

Two other factors that decide the ultimate results are

  • The concentration of each active ingredient
  • The formula or vehicle of the peel

How to decide which peel is best suited for your skin?

That's what we are here for. As explained above, the Dermatologist will assess and help you choose efficiently.

Popular peels

  1. Milk peel - contains lactic acid
  2. Yellow peel - contains high strength retinoic/retinol
  3. Black peel - contains acetic acid
  4. Sugar peel - natural glycolic acid derived from sugarcane
  5. Mandelic acid - natural identical present in almonds

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